I am just a guy who occasionally likes to take a few photographs. I have no training, no degree, no professional experience in photography. What I have learned has been by reading and playing around with a camera and some software. I am not out to make a living at photography, sell photographs or any such thing. I am here because I like photography as a hobby and this blog gives me a chance to share those photos with other.

I started my original photo blog in Pixelpost.  And I think I still have a preference for that platform. Unfortunately is seems to be slowly losing support. So I reluctantly switched over to WordPress. In doing so I elected to start over from scratch and deleted the over 300 images I had posted. The new WordPress site went live in February 2012. But even with WordPress I have found that there are support issues as themes and plugins are no longer supported. So far I have stayed with the free themes and the problem may be bigger there then with the commercially available themes.